What To Do Before Calling Or Emailing Our Firm

Whether you live close to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania/New Jersey metropolitan area or are calling from far away to set up a long-distance consultation, Mr. Adelman’s consultation practice is national in scope. Wherever you live, respond to the grand jury or the Internal Revenue Service one step at a time.

The most crucial step is finding the right attorney to handle your tax case. We recommend taking the following steps:

  • Talk to experienced tax attorneys specializing in IRS (and/or state) tax compliance and/or federal grand jury matters. Why? This will help you determine the prices (hourly rates, retainer requirements, willingness to be flexible as to terms and other costs, obtain estimates if possible) of comparably credentialed tax attorneys with extensive, focused tax controversy experience. There is a lot at stake. Costs should not be your sole consideration, so learn about the “market” as well as the style, comfort and communication skills of other lawyers before (or after) contacting Mr. Adelman.
  • It may be informative for your due diligence to call the Office of Attorney Ethics. Doing this, you can verify Mr. Adelman’s spotless ethical record in over 50 years of tax compliance legal practice. The number for the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Ethics is 609-530-4008. This may help inform your choice of lawyer.

Take Another Step Toward Resolving Your Tax Controversy

Years of legal experience geared to criminal and large civil tax controversies are crucial no matter whom you choose to represent your interests.

Call 856-330-4035 or email Mr. Adelman to set up a no-fee phone interview. After you have talked with Mr. Adelman, he will then help you determine the most appropriate, cost-effective response to resolve your tax problems.