At the office of attorney Michael S. Adelman, tax defense services are available for tax evasion, unfiled returns, federal grand jury, false tax returns and/or false statement criminal tax cases. Mr. Adelman is also available for all issues typically involved in U.S. Tax Court cases, tax audits and administrative appeals from audit determinations or for devising individualized client strategies to respond to IRS collection disputes.

Tax defense services are not only for individuals and businesses, but also can be structured to assist accountants and attorneys who may wish to retain control of a client while being guided and counseled behind the scenes by an expert with over 46 years of tax controversy experience.

Finally, Mr. Adelman's tax practice is national in scope. Representation and counseling are available not only in person, but by a combination of media such as phone, fax and email. Advice can be rendered on an issue-by-issue or entire case basis.

Legal fees are reasonable, especially in light of Mr. Adelman's 16 years of compliance experience with the Treasury Department and almost 32 years  as a defense attorney. Terms will be proposed in written form, time actually used for legal services will be itemized, and any unused portions of retainers or other advance payments are refundable to the client.

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Tax Representation And Tax Defense:

  • IRS representation
  • U.S. Tax Court
  • Federal grand jury tax issues — targets, witnesses, individuals of interest
  • Tax evasion
  • Nonfilings and unfiled tax returns
  • False tax returns
  • Tax preparers, CPAs — criminal tax targets or witnesses
  • IRS criminal tax investigations
  • Criminal tax investigations
  • Tax audits (especially if you are being audited for some years/issues, but are concerned about other years/issues)
  • IRS or state tax collection cases — federal tax liens, wage attachments, levies
  • 100 percent penalty/TFRA cases
  • IRS Collection Due Process and CAP Appeals
  • Taxpayer Advocate Appeals
  • Undisclosed offshore accounts, foreign companies, partnerships, trusts
  • Unreported income, off-the-books/under the table income or payments made or received
  • Money Laundering, Currency and Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) Compliance
  • Traditional voluntary disclosure may be appropriate for many offshore account and other potential criminal tax situations
  • The still (as of 2016-18) open-ended IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) focusing on determining client eligibility for the hugely beneficial Streamlined Domestic Offshore Program (SDOP)

Other Service Areas:

  • Treasury Department circular 230 ("Practice Before the IRS" discipline cases)

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